Mini-Mental vacation

Wouldn’t it be nice to go on vacation to the beach, or a lake, or a forest?

You can though a simple visualization exercise. Follow these instruction. Read through them, get to know them, then give it a try.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Let it out and imagine you are at the beach (or wherever you want to be).

Go through each of your senses one by one and add detail to this scene. Answer these questions with your imagination. Don’t answer out loud, just imagine the answers quietly to yourself.

  1. If you are really there, what do you SEE around you? What does the sand look like? How big is this beach? Are there clouds? Is there wildlife, like birds, dolphins, etc. Do you see boats? Do you see people? (Keep going with your own questions to “flesh out” this beach scene.)
  2. If you are really there, what do you FEEL. What does the sand feel like beneath your toes? How does the sun feel on your skin? Is there a breeze? How does it feel? Step into the water and feel the coolness of the water. (Keep going with your own questions)
  3. If you are really there, what do you HEAR? What do the waves sound like? What does the wildlife sound like? Can you hear people around you? Can you hear boats on the water?
  4. If you are really there, what do you SMELL? Maybe someone is barbecuing near by. Can you smell what they are cooking? Is there seaweed on the beach and does it have a smell?
  5. If you are really there what do you TASTE? Is there a taste in the air? Grab the neighbor’s barbecue and take a bite? What does it taste like?
  6. Now put it all together and imagine all of it at once: what do you see, feel, hear, smell, and taste all at once? What is it like to just be there? Notice how calming it is.

Enjoy this for a few minutes. Notice that you are likely absorbed by this. You have probably put all other thoughts out of your mind for these few minutes. This technique is a great distraction from the world around you and a great way to just relax.

Practice this for a few minutes (or longer) every day and it will get easier and easier.