Guidelines to Communicate

Guidelines to communicate (I didn’t invent these. They were compiled from multiple sources.) First you must realize that nothing good comes from anger. No decision you make in anger is reasonable. One angry person helps make both sides angry. That’s where bad things happen and relationships fall apart. You must try your best to remain […]

Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Have you tried to keep a gratitude journal? A gratitude journal is just like it sounds – a journal you keep of things you are grateful for. I would like to challenge you to try this for a week. I think you will find that by doing this for a week you will notice […]

Box Breathing

I have a tool I’d like to teach you. It’s called Box Breathing. No, I didn’t invent this tool. I don’t know who did. It’s a simple breathing technique that is very useful for those with anxiety and depression. It can help you to relax and lower your all around stress level. I can’t guarantee […]